Run Group


Every Tuesday at 7pm

Meet by Laura fountain on Laura Place in the centre of Bath

Each run session will comprise a 10-15 minute warm up jog (at the pace of the slowest runner) to our location.  Then we will have the session, which is usually around 30 minutes followed by a cool down jog back to the start.

Each session will be different.  It will be either a speed session, hill repeats, pyramids, fartleks and time trials.  These sessions are perfect for you if you wish to improve your speed or would like help to push yourselves.

These sessions are suitable for all, regardless of your pace.  The sessions always take place in one area so everyone will eventually run loops around each other. 

Sessions are just £5 and can be booked here

Due to covid you must register for the session and there are limited places.  Currently due to restrictions this is 11 places only.


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